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Discovering Historical Gourmet Recipes

A Story circa 1865 A story about historical recipes came across my desk the other day. Now, we tend to think the idea of a foodie is a modern notion. Truth of the matter is gourmet food wasn’t always so readily available to the masses. Now, gourmet baked foods are at our fingertips. Our holiday platters are full of delicious finger foods. But, was it always this way? Discovering New Recipes With a little bit of thought it makes sense our ancestors kept some record of their recipes. Some of us are lucky as we have our great-great-grandmother’s cookbook. Others … Continue reading

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Our Top TV Gourmet Cooking Food Shows

They’ve won numerous Emmys and have been recognized by their peers and critics. Food television shows are all around us. What happens in a network’s studio influences our kitchens. They cook, judge and critique. We listen. What makes these food television shows so compelling yet equally appealing is they call upon us to think deeply about food. Our relationship to food is a complex one. All of us have our local favorites. We swear by mom’s cooking. Some of us can roughly imitate the contestants on these shows. Others struggle with even the most basic of easy finger foods. What … Continue reading

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Bring Easy Party Food, and 5 Other Ways To Be a Good Guest

Let’s be honest. There are some people that are good party guests, and others that fall into the “other” category. While there’s no one particular formula that makes you a joy to invite, there is one simple way to impress your host. Take some of the workload from your host and bring along some easy party food. Food They say the quickest way to some people’s heart is through their stomach. So, it makes sense that arriving with some simple, ready to serve treats could delight your host or hostess. When throwing a larger gathering, it helps to have some … Continue reading

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Avoid Throwing the Worst Dinner Party Ever – Serve Easy Finger Food

Most people have had the unfortunate experience. You go to a friend’s house for a dinner party, and it turns out to be one of the most torturous events you’ve been through. It’s happened to me. All I will say is that if the hostess had tossed out some easy finger food, disaster could have been avoided. Expecting the Best Our friends, who shall remain nameless, are gracious hosts, and known for being quite the foodies of the group. Expectations were high. When their invitation comes, you do not think “I will have to eat a little something before I … Continue reading

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