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Wine and Chocolate, Party Food Ideas To Make Everyone Happy?

Nearly everyone has their vices. Some are less desirable, or less healthy than others. But if you can combine your favorite vices together as party food ideas, then life is good. For me, chocolate and wine fit the bill. Imagine waking your guest’s taste buds with a combination like wine and chocolate. It’s an interactive scenario, with people noting their favorites and discussing the validity of each combination. But I also think it’s likely to be an instant hit. After all, who doesn’t like wine and chocolate? If they don’t, then what are they doing at your party? Educate OK, … Continue reading

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Say “Boo” to Candy Sticks and Go For Real Halloween Sweet Treats

I admit, it brings out the kid in me. Halloween is one of those holidays that takes you back to a simple time where even the mere thought of candy could send you into a frenzy. Now, though, I have tired a bit of the traditional bags of candy sticks, chocolate bars, and sugary bits. What excites me now, is the thought of a different kind of sweet treat. Bowls and bags full of candy are the stuff of childhood days. It was a time when cavities, calories, and even taste weren’t the issue. It was all about that sweet, … Continue reading

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Getting Gourmet Snacks Is Now Easier Than Ever With Gourmet Snack Mobile Website

Entertaining friends and family is a joy, but it can also take a lot of effort. Wouldn’t it be nice to have easy party planning in the palm of your hand? Now, with a new mobile website, launched by John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks, planning your next event has just gotten easier. It’s a boon for anyone in need of gourmet snacks a. As we increasingly live our lives “on the go” we have gotten used to our daily tasks being taken care of the same way. You may have a laptop in your office, or a tablet floating around your … Continue reading

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Spice Up Party Food Recipes For Fall

Interesting, exotic, and perfectly balanced flavor, it’s the holy grail of cooking. One of the best ways to achieve this in your party food recipes is to use the appropriate spices. Knowing which spices are best with which food – now that’s a challenge. Culinary students spend hours and hours learning the best combinations. While you may simply follow a recipe using just what it calls for, sometimes, stepping things up a bit can really turn a party food recipe from OK, to wow! Or better yet, create your own dish with a little spice. One thing I do know, … Continue reading

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Do You Need Great Gadgets to Help Make Easy Party Food?

I like it simple, and sometimes simple means having help. Certain gadgets or utensils can be just what you need for making easy party food a breeze. There are a lot of gadgets and utensils out there. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple to know which ones are worth using. Tools, tools, tools People used to spend all day preparing basic meals. Without the aid of gadgets, it could be slow-going in the kitchen. Now there are entire aisles, even stores dedicated to kitchenware that’s supposed to make our lives easier. I have seen such supposed time savers as a double-sided … Continue reading

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