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Tapas, the Ultimate Party Finger Food

Sharing is good. Sampling is divine. Socializing while eating is fantastic. Being able to combine these things with some simple party finger foods is the ultimate experience. That’s what’s so wonderful about tapas. The real deal There are many tapas restaurants these days, and there are tapas cookbooks so you can make them at home. For the purist, however, none of this is correct. If you stick to the true spirit of tapas, they are never eaten at home, or even in a restaurant. The little foods, known as tapa, originated in Spain. Traditionally, they are not appetizers, or meals, … Continue reading

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Recipe For the Family: Celebrate a Real Thanksgiving

I’m going to put it right out there. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s not just the warmth and camaraderie of the gathering, or the delicious recipes for the family. It’s more than that. Yes, it’s the element of thanks, but it’s also the tradition, and the creation of a memory that transcends all else. Thanksgiving is also one of the least commercial holidays we can still enjoy. It’s old fashioned in a way that even the most modern of us can appreciate. Oddly enough, the celebration we know of as our national holiday is newer than … Continue reading

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Sides That Excite – How New Thanksgiving Party Food Recipes Can Bring Gratitude

As I plan my Thanksgiving dinner, I think about dinner’s past. The tradition, and the solid expectations guests bring with them often fuels my preparations. People love tradition. But I wonder, is the excitement surrounding the meal also simply a tradition? Should I be thinking of a way to make some new party food recipes that excite? Admittedly, as a host, you aren’t always in control of the spread. Thanksgiving dinner is a huge undertaking, and typically, people want to help. That’s when you wind up with the standard sweet potato casserole with little marshmallows, stuffing from a box, or … Continue reading

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What is Sourdough, and Why is it So Good With Soup?

I like contrast. It looks good when there is contrast in a painting. I think it’s also nice to have contrasts in flavors. Perhaps that’s why I find the creaminess of a mild, hearty soup is paired well with the tang of sourdough. So, what is sourdough, and why is it so good with soup? Sourdough originated in ancient Egypt, and is made when dough is fermented for a long time using naturally occurring yeasts and lactobacilli. The presence of the lactobacilli produces lactic acid, thus generating the slightly sour taste in the dough. Other breads are made with cultivated … Continue reading

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