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Resolve To Keep it Simple With Recipes For the Family That Won’t Stress You Out

The holidays have been a hectic time. But with a new year beginning, make a resolution to keep it calm and simple. Do yourself a favor and make recipes for the family that are easy, tasty, and cost effective. There are two ways to simplify your meal making process. One is to plan your weekly meals using common ingredients. The other is to make meals that taste like classic recipes, but are a simplified, healthy version with fewer ingredients. Coordinate It even sounds simple. Plan your weekly meals based on common ingredients and the use of leftovers. You can cut … Continue reading

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Go Global With Party Finger Food

Do you feel as though you’ve settled into a rut when it comes to entertaining? It’s easy to prepare the old standbys for your next gathering. But consider being more adventurous and whip up globally inspired party finger food. The “around the world” theme is nothing new, but when done with a little flair, it can feel like a special adventure without leaving your home town. Whether you like the subtle approach, or the all-out affair, there are some easy ways to achieve an international feel. Setting the tone I like it when I have something to get excited about. … Continue reading

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Create the Perfect Display For Your Easy Appetizers and Drinks

Entertaining during the busy holiday season should be easy.  Over-planning can not only stress you out, but it can also create an over-done party. Select and prepare easy appetizers and create a welcoming and functional display for them. Most guests will appreciate the simple, yet elegant approach. The setting Yes, there is definitely planning that needs to be done when you’re hosting a holiday party. Once you’ve determined the guest list, it’s time to select the overall image, or feel of the gathering. Consider your space. Will the room be full? Do you want a small gathering to feel intimate, … Continue reading

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Party Snacks and Specialty Beer – A Pleasing Combination

It’s the time of year for all sorts of celebrations. There are holidays, the arrival of  the winter season, and a new year. There is football, and other excuses to get together and enjoy party snacks, friends, and fun. For many years, I only enjoyed wine when attending a party. Wine is a glorious liquid that can be enjoyed in any scenario. In recent years, however, I have come to appreciate beer. I am, admittedly, a beginner when it comes to the brew. I am willing to try new things, though, and specialty beers are one of those things. Tap … Continue reading

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Simple and Fun Ways to Create a Gourmet Gift Basket

I remember as a child making holiday gifts. They were made with love. Why not carry on that tradition by making a gourmet gift basket filled with the things your friends and family will want? It’s easier than you’d think, and can really get the creative juices flowing. After all, who doesn’t love food that’s been selected especially for you. The concept First, you’ll need to think of the “theme” for your gourmet gift basket. Rather than just randomly tossing in things, take a moment to create some common thread between each item. This is where it helps to know … Continue reading

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