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Bring a Super Bowl of Party Snack Food to the Big Game

It’s a day that’s supposed to be all about the big game, but honestly, it is often more about the commercials and the party snack food. The spread at a football party can be a big hit. Sometimes though, they can be quite routine. You may not be a football fan, but you may be invited to a viewing party. If so, why not bring something tasty that won’t have people saying “oh no, not those again!” Whether you’re going to watch the big game, or you’re attending an anti- pig-skin gathering, finding the right party snack food is a … Continue reading

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Easy Appetizer Recipes – Dips and Spreads With A Twist

They seem to be requisite party fare. Yes, dips and spreads are easy appetizer recipes, but they don’t have to be routine. Adding a twist, or making a healthy dip can create a simple, yet interesting “go-to” dish to add to the party table. The Ho-Hum We’ve all been to a gathering where the bag of tortilla chips and jar of salsa (and maybe even some guacamole) are the centerpiece of the grazing table. How many times have you seen onion dip and potato chips? Perhaps some hosts even venture to lay out some hummus and pita chips for guests. … Continue reading

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Fondue: a Great Winter Gathering with Easy Party Food Recipes

With the arrival of winter and the end to holiday festivities, it’s hard to fight the desire to hibernate. But gray skies and colder temperatures are the perfect inspiration for a small, warm social gathering. What better way to bring people together than with a fondue party? The party food recipes that go along with fondue are simple, yet delicious. The whole affair is not just about filling your belly, but also about community and sharing. That something we need when the doldrums of January set in. The birth of fondue The true origins of fondue are unclear The cheese … Continue reading

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You Can Shed Holiday Pounds and Still Enjoy Party Snacks

It seems to be a never – ending cycle. We happily graze, or even gorge our way through the holidays. Then we make a resolution to get our health under control. Next, we deprive ourselves of pleasures like party snacks, and adult beverages. After holding off  from eating what we love, we dive back into those treats and the whole things starts all over again. Yes, our cravings get the best of us, and we don’t always know how to handle it. There is a reason we crave those “bad” foods, but there is also a way to avoid over-indulging … Continue reading

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