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What Is A Healthy Snack , And Does It Need To Be Organic?

There are so many messages out there about what we should and shouldn’t put in our bodies. Since this is National Nutrition Week, let’s answer the question “What is a healthy snack, and does it need to be organic to be truly healthy?” There is not one answer to this question, but we will try to help you sort through the myths and facts about organic foods. Once you’ve learned which foods should be organic, then making a healthy snack with easy snack recipes becomes simple. So, what is organic? We turned to a leading health authority, the Mayo Clinic, … Continue reading

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Easy Party Food and Movies – A Contender For “Best Combination”

We’ve had the Golden Globes and the SAG awards already. But while there may be some debate on whether it ultimately honors the best, the upcoming Academy Awards is certainly the event of the movie season. If you’re planning an Oscar watching party for a crowd, or even just for 2, having some easy party food inspired by film is a fun way to celebrate the celluloid.  We may be forced to munch on oily popcorn and sugary junk in the theaters, but at home, there are more possibilities for movie watching fare than there are paparazzi in LA. Choosing … Continue reading

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Be Sweet This Valentines Day – Give Something More Special Than Candy Sticks

Love. Who can resist the most incredible, yet indescribable feeling in the world? What about sweets – who can stay away from one of the best taste sensations around? This Valentine’s Day, say yes to both, but say “no” to boring candy boxes and candy sticks. Give your beloved something fun, or unexpected, or decadent. You may wonder how to excite someone with sweets, after all, doesn’t everyone love a box of gooey, caramel-filled chocolates? Well, most people do. But let’s think about other ways to please the palette of a cake lover, or satisfy the sweet tooth of a … Continue reading

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Keeping Track of Favorite Dessert, Dinner, and Appetizer Recipes

Oh, to be organized! With oodles of appetizer recipes, and recipes for the family floating around the internet and around your kitchen, wouldn’t it be nice to keep track of them? The simple days It used to be so simple. Did you watch your mom collect recipe cards from friends, or perhaps she had some that were handed down from her mother? The neat little 3 by 5 cards were filed in a box that was kept on a kitchen shelf. Perhaps there were favorites bookmarked in a cookbook. Mom always knew where they were. The chaos Now, though, we … Continue reading

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