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Four Light And Refreshing Snacks For Spring Parties

Spring is finally here, and who wouldn’t love to throw a spring party to start it off on the right note? Make it fun and enjoyable by offering some delicious snacks that are versatile and that nearly everyone will love. Springtime is when people break out the lighter fare for parties, such as fruit and vegetable platters, cheese with crackers, and salads. Whether you are having a fancy garden party or something that is more casual like having a few friends and family members at your home, the following are some options that you might like to make as appetizers … Continue reading

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Do You Make Easy Party Food Or Culinary Masterpieces? Finding Your Own Entertaining Style

Are you a last-minute, casual, easy party food,  pot-luck kind of event thrower? Perhaps you’re a well- organized, elegant soiree kind of host. Or like many of us, you may think you fall somewhere in between. If you aren’t sure what talents you truly have, in honor of Columbus Day on October 14th, why not discover your true entertaining style? There’s a difference between what you might typically do and what you want to accomplish with your parties. Too often time and budget places constraints on our ability to plan and execute the kind of party we desire. So just … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Welcome Fall With Easy Party Food

There’s nothing like a change of seasons to inspire entertaining. Welcoming the shift in weather, scenery, and available fresh foods really gets the party wheels turning. But as with most things, who has the time to throw a party with elaborate dishes and fanciful settings. Why not create your next event with easy party food ideas? As Autumn arrives with its bursts of red, yellow, and orange, and the air is crisp and cool, there’s something about warm, gooey, cheesy foods that strike a chord. But the fresh fall harvest of vegetables and fruits generates cravings for recipes that make … Continue reading

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Ignite Your Event With Peppers, One of the Hottest Party Food Ideas

Yes, the thermometer is high, but that doesn’t mean that hot food is out. And when we say hot, we’re talking about spicy. This could be the best time of year to put a little kick into your party food ideas.  We’re not suggesting flame throwing, searing dishes though. The goal here is to put just the right amount of sizzle into your appetizer recipes or your dinners. The easiest way to add that heat is with peppers. Whether they are being stuffed, or used as an ingredient, peppers not only add heat, but also a unique, even smoky flavor. … Continue reading

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Finding Late Night Party Food Ideas Shouldn’t Make You Sleepless

Aaaaah summer, the land of longer days, late nights, and entertaining friends. You may throw a backyard cookout, tailgate at a baseball game, or simply have friends over to enjoy the evening. But if you are still going well into the wee hours, you may need to have some  party food ideas on hand for the late crowd. It happens on occasion, you get the right group of folks and a comfortable summer evening and it’s quite possible you and your guests want a late party snack. Call it the “midnight munch”, or “round two”,  but chances are that you … Continue reading

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Three Insane (But True) Reasons to Make No-Sweat Party Food Recipes For Summer

Long days spent outdoors are becoming the norm as we slide into mid summer. It’s in these days that we often find ourselves feeling festive and wanting to share our time with family and friends. Those days can be a joy, but they can also drain us of energy and have us longing for cooler air. Planning a summer get-together, especially one that is last-minute, can put us in a sweat. So there’s no need to stand around the kitchen slaving over the stove or having the oven run. Plan your next meal with some no-sweat party food recipes and … Continue reading

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Homemade Easy Snack Recipes – A Healthy Alternative to Store Bought Goods

As more and more people become aware of the preservatives, sugars, and other unhealthy ingredients that are loaded into party snack food, the more people are looking for alternatives. Many snack makers are getting wise and disguising certain ingredients as “flavoring” and labeling their goods as “healthy”. The best way to know exactly what you’re getting in the food you eat is to make it yourself. Homemade easy snack recipes  aren’t as hard to make as you’d think. Look closely We are being fooled. Take a look at the boxed and canned  foods on store shelves and count how many … Continue reading

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Easy Party Appetizers For the Grill

The heat, the fire, the smell and the smoke. It’s primal. Cooking over an open flame harkens back to ancient times. Those were the days when your next meal came only when food could be caught, a flame ignited, and time could be spent waiting for roasting to be complete. Grilling keeps us connected to that most basic form of cooking. But these days, grilling is elevated, it’s gourmet. It’s a great way to cook a meal, or create easy party appetizers for a dinner or a larger gathering. Typically men are the ones who grill. Perhaps it’s throwing a … Continue reading

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A Fresh Garden Makes For Easy Party Food

What better way to pay homage to the planet than to lay out a garden of fresh foods? Our Mother Earth gives so much, and one of the best things that springs from her ground are vegetables. So why not plan a garden that will provide you with ingredients for the best easy party food and recipes for the family. Imagine being able to easily whip up this Marinated Fresh Vegetable Salad You may have a large plot of land, or just a small corner of a rooftop apartment, but either way, it’s possible to grow something that can be … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed With Easy Party Food

You hear the sound of birds chirping, feel the warmth of the early morning sun, the relaxation of soft music, and then open your eyes to a tray full of delicious, easy party food in bed – it’s a dream, right? Not necessarily. It could be a dream come true- well at least for one day a year. Many women dream of being pampered, especially on Mother’s Day.  After all, as the unsung hero of the family, moms work tirelessly to make sure that everyone else is taken care of. So who else is more deserving of this show of … Continue reading

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