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What Is A Healthy Snack , And Does It Need To Be Organic?

There are so many messages out there about what we should and shouldn’t put in our bodies. Since this is National Nutrition Week, let’s answer the question “What is a healthy snack, and does it need to be organic to be truly healthy?” There is not one answer to this question, but we will try to help you sort through the myths and facts about organic foods. Once you’ve learned which foods should be organic, then making a healthy snack with easy snack recipes becomes simple. So, what is organic? We turned to a leading health authority, the Mayo Clinic, … Continue reading

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Simple and Fun Ways to Create a Gourmet Gift Basket

I remember as a child making holiday gifts. They were made with love. Why not carry on that tradition by making a gourmet gift basket filled with the things your friends and family will want? It’s easier than you’d think, and can really get the creative juices flowing. After all, who doesn’t love food that’s been selected especially for you. The concept First, you’ll need to think of the “theme” for your gourmet gift basket. Rather than just randomly tossing in things, take a moment to create some common thread between each item. This is where it helps to know … Continue reading

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Getting Gourmet Snacks Is Now Easier Than Ever With Gourmet Snack Mobile Website

Entertaining friends and family is a joy, but it can also take a lot of effort. Wouldn’t it be nice to have easy party planning in the palm of your hand? Now, with a new mobile website, launched by John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks, planning your next event has just gotten easier. It’s a boon for anyone in need of gourmet snacks a. As we increasingly live our lives “on the go” we have gotten used to our daily tasks being taken care of the same way. You may have a laptop in your office, or a tablet floating around your … Continue reading

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