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Four Light And Refreshing Snacks For Spring Parties

Spring is finally here, and who wouldn’t love to throw a spring party to start it off on the right note? Make it fun and enjoyable by offering some delicious snacks that are versatile and that nearly everyone will love. Springtime is when people break out the lighter fare for parties, such as fruit and vegetable platters, cheese with crackers, and salads. Whether you are having a fancy garden party or something that is more casual like having a few friends and family members at your home, the following are some options that you might like to make as appetizers … Continue reading

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Heat Things Up With A Non-Traditional Winter Bridal Shower

Everyone knows that June is a favorite time for weddings. But for those who choose to wed in another month, a non-traditional winter bridal shower could be just what the happy couple is looking for. So what’s the best way to plan for such an event? Developing a theme, gathering your party food ideas, and getting creative with decorations and activities can be as nerve wracking as a walk down the aisle. Most of us have been to a traditional bridal shower with lady-like finger sandwiches, flowers everywhere, and the “ooh-and-aaah” gift opening ceremony. That’s not what we’re talking about … Continue reading

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Scare up Some Party Appetizer Ideas That Will Have Guests Howling With Pleasure

Halloween is nearly here and there’s perhaps nothing scarier than trying to come up with party appetizer ideas. So if you are haunted by the thought of getting your Halloween party together, have no fear. It is possible to throw a fun event without too much effort. Yes, you may be thinking “isn’t this is a kids day?”  If you and your friends are adventurous or just simply never grew up, then why not have a true Halloween bash? Determine how much Halloween you want to inject –it can be an all-out costume affair with crazy decorations, or you could … Continue reading

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Say Goodbye to Summer With Seasonal Settings and Party Food Ideas

Change can be difficult, endings can be sad, and saying goodbye can tug at your heart. But when it comes to wrapping up the summer season, all it takes is a fabulous send off bash to help ease the pain. With some well planned decorating and delicious summer party food ideas you can bid farewell to warm, relaxing outdoor fun in style. Yes, it’s tough to imagine life without flip-flops, fresh fruits, the sun, and the sand but there is no stopping mother nature. As the first official day of Autumn arrives on September22nd this year, why not celebrate the … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Guest’s Brains Explode-Make Party Food Recipes With Visual Appeal

You’ve likely heard the adage that we eat with our eyes. If not, know this – it’s true, and there’s scientific fact to back it up. The visual impact of your party food recipes can greatly impact your guests enjoyment of what they’re eating. It’s primal The concept of visuals playing a role in our food attraction dates back to the days when early man first developed better vision and memory. That, combined with walking upright allowed people to survey the available food sources, select safe and tasty foods based on color, and to remember and associate positive experiences with … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With New Party Food Ideas

Predictions, lists, and trends. It can be tough to keep up with the latest in what’s happening in the culinary world. If you are interested in changing up your repertoire when it comes to party food ideas, dinners, and party snack recipes, then you may struggle to track what’s happening, or have a hard time sorting through what will work for you. You may even wonder if it matters. There is no need to follow the latest trends in anything. But if you enjoy reinventing yourself, or at least your recipes, then why not pay attention to the experts. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Green and Irish Party Finger Foods For St Patrick’s Day Fun

Leapin’ leprechauns! You may have heard the saying that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day because so many people love to get in on the action of this fun-filled holiday. There are parades, beer festivals, and parties. If you’re planning to throw a party, or to attend one, preparing some delicious St. Patty’s inspired party finger foods will get you in the spirit. Get your Irish on You may not have any happy little fellows dressed in green to assist you, or even a pot of gold to inspire you, but all you need is to think Irish, and … Continue reading

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Party Snacks and Specialty Beer – A Pleasing Combination

It’s the time of year for all sorts of celebrations. There are holidays, the arrival of  the winter season, and a new year. There is football, and other excuses to get together and enjoy party snacks, friends, and fun. For many years, I only enjoyed wine when attending a party. Wine is a glorious liquid that can be enjoyed in any scenario. In recent years, however, I have come to appreciate beer. I am, admittedly, a beginner when it comes to the brew. I am willing to try new things, though, and specialty beers are one of those things. Tap … Continue reading

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Wine and Chocolate, Party Food Ideas To Make Everyone Happy?

Nearly everyone has their vices. Some are less desirable, or less healthy than others. But if you can combine your favorite vices together as party food ideas, then life is good. For me, chocolate and wine fit the bill. Imagine waking your guest’s taste buds with a combination like wine and chocolate. It’s an interactive scenario, with people noting their favorites and discussing the validity of each combination. But I also think it’s likely to be an instant hit. After all, who doesn’t like wine and chocolate? If they don’t, then what are they doing at your party? Educate OK, … Continue reading

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Have Some Musical Fun While Making Appetizers For Parties

Preparing for parties is a lot of work. You select your menu, shop, spend lots of time cooking appetizers for parties. But do you have any fun while doing it? There’s nothing like some fabulous new music to help you get into the mood. Getting ready Rushing around cleaning and preparing can cause some stress. What helps to relax you better than music? If you’ve worn yourself out getting ready, you can also energize yourself with some tunes. It’s the perfect party attitude adjustment. You probably have your iPod list ready to go. Sometimes, though, selecting some new songs could … Continue reading

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