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John Wm. Macy’s CheeseSticks offer gourmet snacks including SweetSticks, CheeseCrisps and CheeseSticks. Our gourmet SweetSticks snacks are available throughout the US and Canada.

Say “Boo” to Candy Sticks and Go For Real Halloween Sweet Treats

I admit, it brings out the kid in me. Halloween is one of those holidays that takes you back to a simple time where even the mere thought of candy could send you into a frenzy. Now, though, I have tired a bit of the traditional bags of candy sticks, chocolate bars, and sugary bits. What excites me now, is the thought of a different kind of sweet treat. Bowls and bags full of candy are the stuff of childhood days. It was a time when cavities, calories, and even taste weren’t the issue. It was all about that sweet, … Continue reading

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How to Entertain with Gourmet Food without Ruining Your Budget

My sister Beth is a self-proclaimed master of the art of entertaining- gourmet entertaining to be precise.  As both an amateur chef and single mom however, her caviar dreams don’t always align with her Cheese-Its budget. And yet her dinner parties are the stuff of legend: a combination of elegant presentation, delicious and unheard of appetizer creations mixed with crowd-pleasing favorites.  Somehow Beth is always able to keep to a tighter than tight entertaining budget while making her guests feel like they’re getting the full gourmet entertaining treatment. I asked Beth recently what some of her entertaining secrets were and … Continue reading

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